Charlestown Wine and Spirits

Charlestown Wine and Spirits (formerly Charlestown Package Store) is a part of the Traditional Village District. Our design marries traditional forms with energy-efficient technologies and building systems.

Our commitment to environmentally friendly design began with how we understood the site. Non-invasive native landscaping, permeable pavers, salvaged granite pillars, and dark-sky compliant lighting contribute to low impact development.

A mortise and tenon timber frame anchors us in tradition. Our pioneering use of Climate-Block, expanded polystyrene panels made with a thermal break, brings us into the future. The store is sided with NuCedar, a recycled PVC product that is factory finished with a solar reflective ceramic coating. The cool roofs are Energy Star rated.

A geothermal system heats and cools the store by using the earth as the principle energy source – three 450-foot deep wells tap into the earth’s constant 50-degree temperature. Our design allows us to recapture the heat generated by the beer coolers and use it to warm the building. Thoughtful placement of operable windows reduces the need for air conditioning.

Charlestown Wine and Spirits earned the prestigious ENERGY STAR Certification with an Energy Performance Rating of 95. This is the highest rating of any retail store in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

The interior of the store is finished with paints and stains that contain low amounts of volatile organic compounds to help create a healthy interior. The store is lit with LED fixtures that are more durable and energy efficient than either fluorescent or incandescent lights.

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  • Date November 20, 2015
  • Tags Architecture, Design, Green Built

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